Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Stop & Smell the Roses!

Last weekend Tyler and I took all our bedding and rugs to the Laundromat. Usually he does this without me. Not thinking anything of it, we were both contributing to getting the laundry done. We had noticed a girl probably our age there with a ton of clothes. We had commented to each other how awful it would be to have to do all of our laundry there. As I was pulling some sheets out of the dryer she says to me "what does it mean if your man doesn't help you with the laundry, that he doesn't care?" I was caught off guard and said "what", she proceeded to ask the same question. I responded "I guess". I told her that usually my husband does this without me, but most guys don't do laundry. After a few more loads of laundry were changed, she asked me if I would leave him. I said "it would depend on if there were other issues" I asked if he helped her out with anything, she said "no". I felt so sorry for her, the look in her eyes and the pain on her face when she was talking about her life was heart breaking. I could see and feel her desire just to have someone love her enough to help out a little here and there. Sometimes life gets moving so fast you forget to stop and smell the roses. I admit I get so caught up in my work and being used to being taking care of all the time. I take for granted the amazing man I have for a husband and best friend. Just a simple thing as helping with laundry would mean the world to someone and I don't even blink an eye. I did luck out, he does the cooking, most of the cleaning and pretty much waits on me hand and foot. And I have the audacity to complain about the way he does things, instead of just being grateful he even lifts a hand. When you think your life is so bad, it's not always greener on the other side. Don't go through life without stopping to smell the roses!!!!



Grab Lunch- Any fast food (it's terrible I know)

Go For Date Night- Dinner at Tepanyaki and a movie at Jordan Landing

Pick Up Some Creative Goodies- Michael's

Keep The Kids Busy- Take them to run with the horses (my puppies)

Get Wet- Not a big fan

Buy a Treat- Sev Slurpee's and Arctic Shakes

Shop for Fun- Park City Outlets or Gardner Village

Ge Some Fresh Air- Go golfing

Splurge- Mom & Daughter shopping day

Drive For A Weekend Getaway- Lava Hot Springs or Las Vegas

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

U of U Comp Pics....

Sunday, April 6, 2008

UofU Competitions Results!!!!

The results are in... we kicked butt. JDS ROCKS!!!
Jitter Bugs- Jazz 1st, Lyrical 2nd
Hot Tots- Lyrical 1st, Jazz 2nd
Miss Fits- Jazz 1st, Lyrical 1st
Gems- Jazz 1st, Lyrical 2nd
Cha-Cha's- Lyrical 1st, Jazz 1st
We were also awarded:
Overall Best Sportsmanship & Overall Sweepstakes High Point
I am so proud of the girls, way to start off the competition season!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Six Funky Facts-Tag

1. I have webbed toes (no, I can't swim faster because of them). My second and third toes on both feet are connected at the second knuckle. I guess it's a genetic thing, my uncles are webbed at the first knuckle.

2. I am a big time knight owl. When it is time for normal people to go to bed, I am just getting started. It drives my husband crazy. I can't help it, I was brought up that way, my whole family including my grandparents love to stay up late.

3. Surprisingly, I was a jock chic all the way up to my 9th grade year. Who would've thought I would have turned into a dancer and opened my own studio?

4. My middle name (Dusty) was named after Dusty Springfield the Singer. I hated it when I was younger because I thought it meant I was dusty (dirty) kids are silly.

5. I married my ex-boyfriends best friend, who was my best friend as well!!

6. When I was two, I named my dog "Hambone" funny huh. He was the best dog!!!

I tag....Jessica & T'Ann