Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Vacation Anyone....

It's time for another vacation, our last one we took was a Southern California Adventure in August 2007 (Disneyland, California Adventure, Universal Studios, Sea World & the San Diego Zoo. It was a fun trip...definitely ready for another.

San Diego Zoo


The Angels Game

Universal Studios

California Adventure

Sea World

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Business.....

Just Dance is doing great! We are in our second year and I can't believe how much we have grown in just one year. I guess we kind of know what we are doing. It has been and is very rewarding having my own business turn into such a great success. Who would have thought I would be doing what I am doing right now. I wouldn't have been able to do it with out my awesome partner in crime Celeste. We make quite the team for a couple of dancers that didn't really have a clue (we thought we did, but we didn't) we are definitely learning as we go, and I think we are making great progress. The studio takes up a lot of my time. I actually don't teach as many classes as I have in the past but the business end of it makes up for it. Thank heavens for our awesome staff (Mo, Crystal, Rachyl & Whitnee). I don't get to spend as much time with my hubby as I would like but he is very supportive, which means the world to me. I definitely found a keeper! We are getting ready for competition and the year end recital so I can pretty much say goodbye to the weekends for the next few months. Oh well, who needs a life right! It is all worth it in the end when you see the smiling faces, the boosts of confidence, the progress made, the hugs, the thank you's and when you witness a cocoon turn into a beautiful butterfly. That is why I do what I do. "Just Dance like no one is watching..."

What's Up!!!

Here is a little bit of what's been happening in the lives of the Zufelts!!!
I can't believe Tyler and I have been married for 1 year and 7 months already, how time flies. We are doing great!! We don't really get to see each other that much with Tyler working 40 plus hours a week at Hawk and I work 30 hrs at Hawk and a trazillion hrs. at the Studio. So when
everyone asks when we are going to have a baby. We are way to busy and besides we already have a baby, our 1 yr. 11 month old, 85 lb. Weimeraner "Missie". I'm not kidding either when I say she is my baby. I love and treat her just like one. I am always telling Tyler to look at her when she does something new or funny. He thinks I'm crazy... Every night she sleeps right between us. There is no baby making with her around if you know what I mean. I have never seen a dog that has as much anxiety has she does. They don't call them "velcro dogs" for nothing. When we go out we take her to Grandma & Grandpa Bateman's where she play's with her brother's Hogan & Blaze. Just like taking the kids to the babysitter's. Missie keeps us quite busy & content. Our lives are way to busy right now to bring a crazy little red headed Zufelt into this world. Hopefully in time we will slow down, get to see each other more and then maybe start discussing little ones.